General News/Church Lunch/Baptism/Covenant members please read

The meal which was planned for the evening of 23rd Jan, will not now be going ahead.  But instead you could bring a friend to church the next day if you feel it would be appropriate.

Sunday 24th is our Covenant Service led by Jade.  It is also Jessie Gadd’s Baptism service and so it will be both solemn and celebratory. It is an all age worship service and so the children will stay with us.
After this service on 24th we are having a church faith lunch, which everyone is invited to.  We will be cooking jacket potatoes and so if you could all bring something to go with these, or a pudding, then that would be great.  Let’s just take pot luck on this occasion and not do a list – we can always eat lots of puddings!  There will of course be extra people there, but you have always been most generous and we’ve always had plenty to eat.