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Keelby Chapel

Our Sunday Morning Worship is at 10.00am each week

The services will continue to be on Zoom each week too!  If you require the Zoom password please ask via  Please see our home page for further details. 

The Rota has now been combined with our Diary and is available on our Home page.  

Healing Chapel

Healing Chapel are open for worship from on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, at 10.00am 

The Flower Rota for Healing is on the link below.

The Circuit Plan of Preachers is available below . . .

For Zoom Services ID, or any other information please contact


We look forward to welcoming you to our worship at Keelby.  The congregation at Keelby are happy with many styles of worship. We are a relaxed and interactive Church family of all ages with a small Sunday Club.

The Steward for your service can be found in the Diary/Rota on the home page of this site. 

Keelby has full use of technology; all songs are projected and can be chosen from books 1-5 of Songs of Fellowship and many other sources.  The more modern worship songs are favoured at Keelby, but we are happy to include older hymns, perhaps with a more modern arrangement.   DVD clips and CDs are also able to be used and are covered by our licences.

We also like to project our Bible readings, so if you could let us have your readings and chosen version along with your song/hymn choices.  In addition, please let your Steward know if you would like readers from the congregation.

We politely ask that you have your full order of service ready and forwarded to your Steward by the Wednesday evening prior to your service so that all (including all you wish to be projected) can be passed on to the technicians and readers by the Thursday.

We do like to have a block of worship, incorporating music/prayers etc early in the service by preference, and we would ask that you bear this in mind in your service planning.  However, we appreciate that this may not fit in with the structure of your service as it comes to you, and will be happy to assist you in delivering your service as it comes to you as best we can, in any way we can.