Membership Course at Keelby Methodist Church

Dear friends
I intend to run a membership course at Keelby Methodist Church, which is open to anyone of any age from anywhere in the Circuit who is interested in finding out more about what it means to be a member of the Methodist church.
It will run for 4 consecutive weeks starting on Sunday 16th September. Each session starts at midday and will last just over an hour. There will be some small group work for different ages as part of the course as well as general discussion. The following topics will be discussed: Week 1 – 16th September – the basics of Christian belief; what do we understand about our faith; what do we struggle with.
Week 2 – 23rd September – What is distinctive about the Methodist church; our history; how we are organised.
Week 3 – 30th September – How are we called to behave as Methodists. We will be looking at ‘Our calling’ covering worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism
Week 4 – 7th October – Looking at the service for reception into Membership including confirmation for those not yet confirmed. Coming to the course does not mean that you are committed to membership – it is a chance to explore your faith and find out a bit more about our church. If after attending the course people wish to become members then services will be arranged. Also please note that anyone who is already a member would be very welcome to come to the course as a refresher and to share their experiences with others.
If you are interested in attending please let me or Nikki Coles know so we can plan for the appropriate numbers.
Yours in Christ